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The existing warehouse was too small and had no opportunities for growth…


The Company* operates in retail with 2 main purposes: Handle online orders (picking and sending) to all online customer within Europe, and to replenish over a 100 stores.


The existing warehouse was to small, located in an expensive area in a capital city in Europe and had no opportunities for growth.

* We work with many customers who unfortunately can not share the company name; during and sometimes also after the project closure but that does not make these projects less interesting!




By investigating the market surrounding the capital some optional locations was found.
Lease contract was signed for a section (13 000 m2) of a newly built warehouse and ProFlow made a new warehouse design, with a modern standard.
New types of storage locations were created with the focus of creating a fastmoving flow, with a total of 7 to 10 fingerprints from inbound to outbound.

New put away and picking processes were introduced using Man up trucks and pick trains.


ProFlow were the main designer of the internal warehouse including proposed processes.
Together with a great team from “The customer”, ProFlow transformed the business needs into static and dynamic design criteria’s, and supported the local organization in the RFQ phase with technical expertise
We are also very proud that we were chosen for the Project management role of the entire implementation.

The project was initiated April 2020, with go ahead decision in October 2020 and the operations went live in beginning of May 2021
All work was done during a pandemic with few visits, so majority of work was performed on distance using digital platforms.