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Small talk – Automation by Robots

During Logistik & Transport | Svenska Mässan Proflows Anders Urhed moderated ’Small talk – Automation by Robots’ at Idnet AB. We discussed where robots are best applied in intralogistics, which ones will be in the lead and which solutions feel absolutely the hottest.

Autostore revolutionized automated warehouse management. BLÅKLÄDER was a pioneer in Sweden with this solution and they are constantly looking for the next step. We discussed different techniques that can be adopted and fixed to existing structures, to maximize the utilization of what we already have.


Erikshjälpen Second Hands reality is already a stock management on “endless of SKUs” but as we all become increasingly circular more will have the same challenges. Automation and AI will be of great support to make this manageable at scale but it’s not the full answer, we will all fight to find our unique balance between automation and manual handling.

*Video from the small talk at Logistik & Transport

Robots alone are nothing, they are only a part of a great solution that can only really excel with the right software and the right IT-backbone. GreyOrange shared that they often have to downgrade their software to the WMS of the company, because the customer let the WMS dictate the level of the full system/solution.

All participants agreed that it’s important to know your processes and people, then let the automation and AI support that. The techniques are already there today, it’s all about finding the right, and unique combination for each company, and implementing them in the most optimal way.

Thank you Eric Knaapen, Sofi Klavacs KarlssonMartin BorgvallThomas Olsson and Magnus Rüdén for the participation.

ProFlow hjälper er att hitta smarta logistiklösningar, oberoende automationsgrad på lagret.
Automation handlar inte om ett antingen eller, utan att hitta lösningar som passar just ert behov, och därmed rimlig investering i förhållande till er affär.