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About us

With our roots in mail order company, we have been involved in developing e-commerce and have helped hundreds of customers in Sweden and Europe to create and implement smart warehouse solutions.


ProFlow is an independent consulting company working on creating strategic logistics flows for companies with intensive material handling and has since the beginning in 2006 designed several of Europe’s most cost-effective warehouses.

We take greater responsibility in our business relationships and we want to be a partner that offers you total responsibility for your logistics issues. Using our developed process model, we can quickly and efficiently identify the logistics needs of you as a customer and then customize total solutions or make capacity-enhancing actions according to your needs.

The goal is to create strategic business flows that you as a customer can grow and develop with. Our conviction is that efficient logistics flows open new opportunities for faster growth and increased competitiveness.

Executed flows

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Logistics solutions

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Flow Processes

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Technical investigations

Our vision is to be a leader in the development of innovative logistics solutions that make our customers winners in a rapidly changing world.

Our values


  • We meet customers and organizations based on their circumstances.
  • Through our actions we show genuine interest and participation.
  • We work for continuous developments and are open to new ideas.


  • We show respect by being open and responsive to customers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • We are humble and show courage by asking for help.
  • We share our knowledge.


  • Straight and distinct dialogue.
  • We believe in a transparent way of working.
  • Collaborating with ProFlow must be perceived as uncomplicated by customers and suppliers.


  • We implement and monitor the results of what is decided.

  • We act on objective and factual grounds.
  • We show judgment, reliability and seriousness by being distinct and transparent in everything we do.

Long-term perspective

  • We create trust and long-term relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers.
  • We get to know our customers, employees and suppliers through an open, interested and personal approach.
  • We are a company with a good working environment, where we respect and take care of each other.

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