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Extended system support provided more efficient inventory management


The family business Hestra was founded in 1936 and is today run by the third and fourth generation Magnusson. Design and development take place at the head office in Hestra, Sweden. Hestra is a well-known brand that is marketed in 30 countries and had a turnover of 526 million SEK in 2019/20. The office in Hestra employs about 50 people including design, purchase, and logistics.


Digitalization / IT
Project management


After increased demand and a changed order structure, where more orders came from e-commerce with few lines per order, existing IT support was not enough to control the inventory and achieve an efficient pick and pack. The warehouse had recently been built, but the system support was not enough to take full advantage of it.


Implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) enabled improved control of the warehouse which could thus reach a higher degree of capacity. The warehouse system was integrated with vertical storage lifts, which further increased the warehouse capacity. The work on the warehouse was streamlined through the WMS with, among other things, automatic replenishment proposals and batch picking.

Proflow’s contribution

ProFlow performed the feasibility study that formed the basis for identifying the need for increased system support. Thereafter, we led the project with procurement and implementation of WMS, including integrations to automation equipment and business systems.