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Freight procurement reduced costs by 16%

Matting AB

Matting AB was founded in 1970 and is one of the Nordic region’s largest suppliers of carpets for stores, offices, public environments, and industries. Matting AB offers solutions for creating healthy workplaces and accessible environments, which include products such as work tables, standing mats, and seating. Matting AB has 36 employees and in 2018 turnover amounted to 102 million SEK.


Freight procurement
Project management


Matting AB wanted to reduce shipping costs at the same time as they were keen to find a carrier with which they could build a well-functioning logistics solution. The largest proposition of the goods were sent as package freight B2B in Sweden and the Nordic neighboring countries, but there were also shipments to the rest of Europe. Deliveries to private individuals had increased and needed to be included in the shipping solution.


During the transport procurement, a number of evaluation points for the carriers were identified, in addition to price. In this way, it was ensured that important parameters were captured, such as having continued efficient handling of the warehouse and being able to meet the customer value proposition. The transport procurement resulted in an estimated saving of 16% against previous shipping costs.

Proflow’s contribution

ProFlow project managed and carried out the freight procurement based on our evaluation methodology where we analyze the carriers’ ability to deliver a solution that provides a good price as well as suits companies’ other logistics management and customer value proposition.