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We design warehouse and logistics solutions and maintain overall responsibility for efficiency improvements and warehouse transfers.

It includes:

Situation Analysis

We show the current productivity of the business/company

Warehouse Design

Create effective and sustainable flows

Project Management

Rely on the implementation, it will be well completed with attention to all details

Advisory Board

We support logistics at the board level

Strategisk Logistik

How the future of logistics is created in your business

Provides better flow to companies which sell trough via e-commerce and/or catalog

ProFlow has wide experience of successful logistics solutions for companies with distance sales, both in catalog and e-commerce. Selling from a distance is a challenge, and to succeed, it requires efficient flows, from supplier to customer. The customer requirements are also different depending on whether the customer is a consumer or a company. However, an efficient return process is required for all, which not only has the mission of keeping the costs down, but which will also contribute to improved customer service and additional sales. ProFlow can develop and streamline purchasing methods, warehousing processes and distribution routines at distance trading companies.

Effective flows for manufacturing companies

Working with manufacturing and being a supplier usually mean that you are incorporated in complex flows. Optimization of the supply of goods with the right goods in stock, application of LEAN, minimization of waste and fast customer deliveries are just a few examples of requirements and issues that are part of the total flow for this type of company. It is very important to build up systems to be able to plan and manage these flows and to have information systems work together throughout the value chain. ProFlow has a broad experience of developing flows throughout the supply chain for companies that work with manufacturing.

Effective flows for companies which sell trough stores

In retail, we help develop flows from supplier to store with a focus on finance and customer service. Companies that own their own stores or deliver goods to franchisees’ stores have great opportunities to optimize the entire supply chain. For these companies, it is very important to minimize the time from when the need for filling is identified, until delivery and exposure of the product can take place. Routines of purchasing, warehouse processes and integration of IT system are some examples of areas that ProFlow can develop and make more effective.

Business-useful structure for terminal and transport operations

Terminal operations can be defined as a breaking point in a transport chain in which a transshipment takes place. Usually the transshipment is associated with a sorting function which often requires fast handling with both advanced technically equipment and manual contributions. ProFlow has wide experience in efficient flow processes for terminal and transport operations and knows the importance of top capacity and flexible personnel recourses. We help develop systems of both resource planning and load forecasts, as well as information transparency and layout areas. We can also provide several different technical solutions.

ProFlow is the link between customer and supplier

Procuring an automated production- or warehouse solution requires both a lot of time and expertise. Moving a warehouse to a new location as well. We are the link between customer and supplier to ensure that the final solution supports the customer’s business and needs. All companies look different with various time requirements, investment opportunities and assortment. The common thing is a requirement for profitability and that the investments are long-term and properly strategic. ProFlow has helped many companies to increase their ordering skills and has also been able to support during the desired transformation, from start to finish.